Friday, October 9

SU, LSU Leaders Explore Causes of Barriers to Students Entering LSU Vet. School

Dialogue about LSU Vet School admission process. L-r: Harris, Gebrelul, Walker, Butler, Daniel, Baines, Brown, Simon, Marshall, and Chisley.
Baton Rouge, La. - On October 8, Dr. Joel Baines, dean of LSU School of Veterinary Medicine met with leaders of the Southern University College of Agriculture and Ag Center for initial talks that could open doors for Southern students into the LSU Vet School.  Prior to the meeting, data revealed that students from SU, interested in veterinary medicine, have a higher chance of enrolling at Tuskegee University than LSU, with additional burden of out of state fees. This initial meeting was to explore the causes of barriers to Southern students entering the LSU Vet School in Baton Rouge.  The dialogue yielded results of potential opportunities for both entities to collaborate in ensuring that SU students are adequately prepared, socially and academically, to be admitted into the program and retained through graduation. 

“I believe this is the beginning of a working relationship between our Dean and SU.  Although admission process for new applicants for the AY 2016-17 has closed, we will be working with SU to ensure that when students apply for 2017–18 year, they will be successful in getting admitted to LSU,” said Dr. Daniel.

The meeting was held at the SU Ag Center, and attendees included: Dean Baines, Annie Daniel, Director of Veterinary Instructional Design and Outcomes Assessment, LSU Vet School; Adell Brown, Interim Chancellor, SU Ag Center; Doze Butler, Associate Dean, College of Sciences and Agriculture; C. Rueben Walker, Program Leader, Agricultural Sciences; Gary Simon, DVM/Professor, Renita Marshall, DVM/Associate Professor, Sebhatu Gebrelul, Professor, Antonio Harris, Professor and Curtis Chisley, Professor, Animal Science.


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