Friday, October 2

SU Ag Center receives visitors from Piney Woods School

Students from Piney Woods School pose outside the SU Ag Center Model Garden
Baton Rouge, La. - Nearly 40 students from the Piney Woods School in Mississippi toured facilities at the SU Ag Center on October 2, 2015 while exploring college majors including agriculture. The students, ranging from freshmen to seniors, were welcomed by faculty, staff in the various research and Extension programs.  SU students in the Urban Forestry Program set up an informational booth alongside the scientists, while students in the MANRRS organization assisted with the displays to share information with the high school students.

The Southern Campus Recruiter Robert Rene was there to share information about the academic program offerings with the prospective students.

Allison Johnson, USDA/1890 Program Liaison at Southern University was on hand to explain the benefits of the National Scholars Program to the guests.

When one of the visiting students was asked how he got to Piney Woods from Ethiopia he answered, “My uncle who lives here in the States told me about it, and I applied and got admitted.”

The visit concluded in a tour of the facilities including the model garden.
The visit was coordinated by Dr. Dawn Mellion-Patin, Agriculture Specialist.


MANRRS: Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences

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