Tuesday, August 31

Ciggy Butts fight tobacco smoke

The Communities of Color Network is spreading a tobacco-free message to youth with help from a friend, "Mr. Ciggy Butts." Ciggy Butts became a part of the Communities of Color Network in July 2010. He began his statewide travels in Baton Rouge, at the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center's Family and Youth Expo. Since then, he has traveled throughout Southwest Louisiana with a Regional Coordinator. While on his journey, Mr. Ciggy Butts used his friendly appearance to remind youth that the tobacco companies use symbols, language, pictures and flavorings to trick them into thinking that tobacco products are not harmful. He also told youth about the over 4,000 dangerous chemicals found in tobacco smoke and the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure. Mr. Ciggy Butts will continue his statewide travel with his next stop in the New Orleans area.