Friday, October 23

Bernard Terrace Elementary School students visit the SU Ag Center’s Swine Unit, Greenhouses and Sustainable Urban Demonstration Farm

Bernard Terrace Elementary School students visit the SU Ag Center's Swine Unit on Oct. 22.

Stephanie Elwood speaks to students about plant safety inside one of the SU Ag Center's greenhouses.

Elwood picks fresh herbs for the students to smell and taste during a tour of the SU Ag Center's Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm on Oct. 22. 

Baton Rouge, La. – Forty-five first, second and third grade students in the Bernard Terrace Elementary School’s gifted program held a field trip on the Southern University Ag Center’s campus on Oct. 22.

During their visit, the students in Mr. Bender and Mrs. Williams’ classes toured the SUAREC’s Swine Unit facility with the leadership of Mr. Kevin Belizard.

SU Ag Center Assistant Extension Specialist Stephanie Elwood led tours of the Center’s greenhouses and Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm, which is maintained by Dr. Dawn Mellion-Patin and Zanetta Augustine. The tours provided the students with an opportunity to see where researchers study plants and the types of plants and herbs that are grown in the greenhouses and on the Urban Farm.

“There are two important questions that you need to remember any time you are in someone’s greenhouse or garden,” said Elwood. “The first is can I eat this? Some plants can make you sick or even kill you if you eat them. The second is did you spray anything on this?  So always remember to ask those two questions,” warned Elwood.

The students ended their visit by having a picnic in the Urban Farm.

Special thanks to Kevin Belizard, Joyce Tubbs, Mila Berhane, LaKeeshia G. Lusk and Stephanie Elwood for making this field trip a success.

About the Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm

The Southern University Ag Center’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm is a show-and-tell garden for the public. This educational garden gives information on vegetable varieties, planting instruction, composting techniques, and other relevant information. Farm tours are available throughout the year.  To schedule a tour, contact Dawn Mellion-Patin or Zanetta Augustine at 225-771-2242.

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