Monday, August 31

Ag Center scientists attend international conference

Kirkland Mellad, vice chancellor for research, and Sebhatu Gebrelul, professor of animal science, attended the 2009 joint meeting of the American Society of Animal Science, American Dairy Science Association, and Canadian Society of Animal Science, July 12-16, in Montreal, Canada. Gebrelul presented a paper on performances of kids and calves grazing together and separately. The meeting brought together nearly 3,000 scientists from around the world and addressed issues of interest in research, extension, teaching, and commercial activities in all areas of animal agriculture. For more information, contact Gebrelul at (225) 771-2262 or

CoC Network educates hundreds at Essence Music Festival

On July 3-5 all roads led to New Orleans for the 15th Annual Essence Music Festival. The Festival is a weekend celebration of African-American music, culture, fashion, beauty, and empowerment seminars. Each day of the festival, Center’s Communities Network coordinators dangers of tobacco consumption secondhand smoke youth and members grassroots community.

For more information on the Southern University Ag Center's Communities of Color Network, visit

Friday, August 28

Business Development Center holds information exchange workshop

The Center for Rural and Small Business Development recently hosted its annual 1890 USDA, Rural Development Land-Grant Entrepreneurial Informational Exchange Workshop in New Orleans. Center director Gloria London, technology specialist Wilbert Harris, and business development specialist Eual Hall were participants at the workshop.

The overriding theme for the event was “Creating Sustainable Communities where all Persons Can Live and Work.” The theme is aligned with the USDA, Rural Development Mission: “to deliver programs in a way that will support increasing economic opportunity and improve the quality of life of rural residents. Rural Development provides equity and technical assistance to finance and foster growth in homeownership, business development and critical community and technology infrastructure.”

The USDA/RD 1890 program manager Edgar Lewis opened the workshop with warm welcome and guiding instructions. The new director Judith Canales, USDA Rural Development of Rural Business-Cooperative Programs, announced support for all participating 1890 land-grant educational institutions.

Workshop participants reviewed new goals and objectives, changes, rules and guidelines about funding, as well as to answer any questions about USDA, Rural Development programs.

Information exchange included: sharing project successes and challenges; networking among USDA Rural Development employees, both national and state offices; reviewing Rural Development’s new program initiatives and policies/regulations; strategizing on training businesses on cash flow management through more seminars, workshops for cooperatives and small businesses, among others.

Many new topics were added to the existing and expected tasks, including renewable energy, the American Recovery and Reinvestment

Act, youth entrepreneurship, and outreach to minority producers and cooperatives.

Center hosts University of Wisconsin Extension visitors

Members of the Multicultural Immersion Experience Group from the University of Wisconsin visited the SU Ag Center last month. The group visited Southern to learn more about the 1890 land-grant institution in order to broaden their understanding of its role in extension education and to acquire insight in order to create new ways of leading the University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Systems towards increased relevancy in a multicultural and changing society. The visit was organized by SU Ag Center vice chancellor for extension Gina Eubanks.

Linking citizens to technology

Grant could bring access to residents near SU campuses.

The Ag Center's director of technology services Christopher J. Rogers is interviewed about linking citizens to technology. See the August 26th interview with WBRZ Channel 2 at 

Rogers is assisting the Southern University System and the for Digital Equality™ who have plans to provide public computer accessibility, through 30 community-based centers, to nearly 200,000 residents situated in rural and underserved communities. Once funded, the initiative will establish technology services in communities surrounding the System’s five member institutions, along with targeted parishes where services are provided by the Southern.

For more information, email Rogers at

Thursday, August 27

First seminar held today

You are invited to our first seminar in the series for the fall semester at the SU Ag Center, Thursday, August 27. Presenters of this seminar are professional agricultural producers Don Ashford and Wedge Barthe who will present "Sustainable Forage Management in South Louisiana." The seminar begins at 3:30pm in Room 191 of the Southern University Ag Center.

This is a regular seminar series presented by faculty and staff of the Southern University Ag Center and the SUBR College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences. The seminars are held every other Thursday at 3:30 p.m. and are free to the public. If you would like to present, or have questions, please contact Dr. James McNitt at 225-771-2262 ext. 270 or

Wednesday, August 19

Marshall joins national swine flu discussion

Southern University Ag Center’s director of livestock programs, Renita Marshall, DVM, joins national Webinar discussion on H1N1. Marshall is also associate professor in the College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences at the Southern University A&M College.

August 25, 2009 • 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time

EDEN delegates and state-selected Extension specialists and educators

With the prediction of a second wave for the novel H1N1, EDEN is hosting a Webinar to address available resources, the potential role of Extension educators, and effective methods for getting information and educational resources out to target audiences. In addition, presenters will address questions that are brought up during the Webinar.

· Introduction of the issues and EDEN Response Team Members for Novel H1N1 – Abigail Boron, EDEN

· Current Human Issues of novel H1N1 – Tanya Graham, South Dakota State University

· Current Swine Issues with novel H1N1 – Renita Marshall, Southern University

· H1N1 Resources and Pandemic Preparedness Resources available through EDEN – E. Kim Cassel, South Dakota State University

· Risk Communication before, during and after a pandemic – Dave Filson – Penn State University

· Invitation to join team – Dave Filson – Penn State University

· Questions and Answers

EDEN delegates and state-selected Extension specialists and educators will be better informed of EDEN’s resources and the EDEN Novel H1N1 Response Team. They can use this Webinar as a stepping point to provide more information to their own system and public audiences. The session will be recorded for future use and made available on the EDEN Web site.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Renita Marshall at (225) 771-2242 ext. 330 or

Tuesday, August 18

New ag leadership institute featured on TWILA, LFB radio network

Agriculture specialist Dawn Mellion Patin, Ph.D., joined the cast of This Week in Louisiana Agriculture television show to discuss the new Louisiana Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute and the application process. The interview segment with reproter A.J. Sabine will also air on the Louisiana Farm Bureau Radio Network's 24 affiliate stations.

Tune in this Thursday (August 20) through next Wednesday on your local station to learn more about the institute's Sept. 1 application deadline.

RFD-TV Thursdays 3:30pm Central Time; and Fridays 1:30am Central Time
DirecTV Channel 345
Dish Network Channel 231
Baton Rouge
COX 4 Saturdays and Sundays at 9 a.m and Mon., Wed., Fri., at 8am
WAFB-TV 9 Sundays at 5am
KPBN-CH. 22 Monday-Thursday at 9:00am
LCN "Louisiana's Superstation" Cox 140 Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm Saturdays 8:30am

For other air times and stations, visit or

For more information on the institute, visit or contact Mellion Patin at (225) 771-2242.

Monday, August 10

Tune In, Farmers!

Tune in this week to the Louisiana Agri-News Network on 107.3fm in Baton Rouge at 5:00 am to hear about the Ag Center's Louisiana Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute. Finally, a comprehensive training for Louisiana small farmers! 

Institute project director and ag specialist Dawn Mellion Patin, Ph.D., was interviewed by journalist Don Molino earlier today. For more information on the institute, visit or contact Patin at (225) 771-2242.