Tuesday, October 6

SU Ag Center Receives Over $500,000 in Funding from USDA/NIFA

Baton Rouge, La. - The US Dept. of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) has awarded $550,000 to two faculty members in support of research, teaching and outreach initiatives at the SU Ag Center.

Dr. Malekian
Fatemeh Malekian, Ph.D. has received a $300.000 grant for “University Freshmen Moving toward Becoming Ambassadors for Healthy Communities and Future Generations,” from FY 2015-2018. Obesity and related conditions are critical health threats to families and children across the country. Freshmen, due to stress related to the change in environment and lack of supervision, are more likely to gain significant amount of weight during their first year of college. The goal of this project is to determine the effect, on college freshman, of consumption of whey protein (WP) and resistant starch (RS) health/breakfast bars on body weight.  

Dr. Cyrus
Kasundra Cyrus, Ed.D. has received a three-year, $250.000 grant for “Strengthening Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum in Family and Child Development.” The SU Ag Center’s Family and Human Development program is instrumental in providing the critical experiences that will strengthen the professional preparation of undergraduate students in family and child development. The overarching goal is to provide childcare providers with professional development and child development students with practicum experiences through a family resource facility that will offer educational support to families.

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