Tuesday, April 21

SU Ag Center's Urban Forestry Program Holds Seminar

conservation program session 

USDA Forest service session

e-fuel demonstration

tree decay testing

tree decay discussion

Using e-fuel by-product, Biochar as soil amendment
Louisiana urban forestry overview

Baton Rouge, La – The Urban Forestry Program at Southern University Ag Center held seminar and workshop on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.  The workshop shared the latest information about urban forests and green infrastructures in Louisiana. There were expert presentations on education, research and extension activities in Urban and Community Forestry and Urban Natural Resources. Participants learned about the latest technologies available for managing city forests. A forum for diversity and community involvement in urban forestry and natural resources was also held.

Topics presented included: Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Conservation Program at Southern University and A&M by Dr. Kamran Abdollahi, Program Leader and Graduate Director; Overview of the USDA Forest Service - Ashlee Ransom, Liaison Officer, USDA FS; Overview of the Louisiana Urban Forestry Council - Scott Courtright, Vice President; Overview of the East Baton Rouge Urban Parks - Ray Harold Lawson; Overview of Baton Rouge Green Programs - Robert Seeman; Integrating Climate Change Science into Urban Forestry Curriculum through Research, Education, and International Collaboration - Zhu Hua Ning, Ph.D. Professor, SU Urban Forestry Program; Louisiana Arborists Certification - Hallie Dozier, Pd.D., LSU Ag Center; Live Oak Maintenance by Fred Fellner, Ph.D., Director of Landscape Services, LSU; Utilization of Spatial Technologies, GIS and Remote Sensing in Urban Forestry - Fulbert Namwamba, Ph.D., Professor, SU Urban Forestry Program; Understanding Urban Wetlands Potential in Mitigating  Climate Change through Performance Indicators - Andra Johnson, Ph.D. Associative Professor, and Christopher Chappell, Ph.D., Research Scientist, SU Urban Forestry Program; Potential Urban Forest Waste Utilization for Biofuels and Bio-products production - Kamran Abdollahi, Ph.D., SU Urban Forestry Program; and Tree Interactions with Ultraviolet Radiation - Yadong Qi, Ph.D. Professor, SU Urban Forestry.

Hands-on experiential learning and demonstration in the Laboratories included: Tree Decay Detection Using State of the Art Equipment; GIS and GPS Techniques; Ground Penetration Radar; Biofuel Production & E-Fuel System; Portable Photosynthesis System (Li-Cor System); and Soil and Erosion Determination on the SU Bluff.

The event was organized by Kamran Abdollahi, Professor and Director, Urban Forestry Program, and can be reached at 225-771-3535 or 225-324-8206; or via mail: kamrana664@cs.com


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