Tuesday, April 21

SU Ag Center’s 'Keeping On My Tiara Tour' Comes to a Royal End

HIV/AIDS Awareness was discussed during the 'Keeping On My Tiara Tour'.

Young ladies learn how to care for their skin at a mobile make-up station.

"Keeping On My Tiara Tour" participants pose for a photo after the event.

Dr. Kelli Joseph, Superintendent of the St. Helena Parish School District, attended the "Keeping On My Tiara Tour" held at the St. Helena College & Career Academy on March 26.

Amite, La – The Southern University Agricultural Research & Extension Center’s (SUAREC) “Keeping On My Tiara Tour,” has come to a royal end. Over 40 Outstanding Mature Girlz (OMG) were in attendance during the March 26 and April 17 workshops held at St. Helena College & Career Academy and Kentwood High Magnet School, respectively. 

In a day when teen girls are heavily influenced by social media with negative body images, and overt sexual content the OMG Club strives to give the balance that is often missing.  Young queens were allowed to literally keep their “Tiaras” on as a representation that they will not be pressured into risky behavior during this prom season or afterwards.

Sashika Baunchand, Regional Advocate for AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), was onsite to educate the group of wonderful young ladies about HIV/AIDS Awareness.  Nicolette Gordon, Assistant Area Agent, (SUAREC) demonstrated proper techniques to care for their natural hair, and the importance of a well-balanced diet to achieve healthy hair. Rose J. Guy, a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, provided a mobile make-up station to educate the outstanding young ladies on caring for their natural nails and skin.  After the completion of each session, the young ladies were encouraged to visit a Salad Station to fix a cup-size salad with their favorite dressings.

“I really don’t like to eat salad, but after today I will try,” said Krista Madison of St. Helena College and Career Academy.

The tour was well received by school administrators, and many are looking forward to what’s in store for next year.  The SU Ag Center will continue to promote the empowerment of young women, and the Outstanding Mature Girlz Club as a place where every girl should be!


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