Friday, April 10

SU Ag Center Recognizes Trailblazers at Procurement Conference

L-r: Ingrid Thibodeaux, James Moore, and Rene Randle
BATON ROUGE, LA – The SU Ag Center held a successful Annual Procurement entitled “Connecting Businesses to Contracts Conference” at Southern University’s Smith Brown Memorial Union, on April 9, with nearly 300 participants.  During the Panel Entrepreneur discussion, three trailblazers who led the session were recognized. The speakers James Moore, Expert Maintenance and Construction Company; Ingrid Thibodeaux, Citi Approved Thibodeaux Construction; and Rene Randle, Unique Creation explained their individual journey to success. They encouraged participants to remain faithful, resilient and optimistic in the face of challenges in seeking breakthrough opportunities. At the end of the discussion, the speakers entertained questions from the audience.

The goal of the conference is always to stimulate the economy by aligning existing and potential business owners, small contractors, non-profit organizations, and others with contracting officers, and purchasing agents, as well as providing an outlet to network and exchange information and ideas. Participants who attend the conference repeatedly report their reason as the opportunity to network.

Participating exhibitors included: USACE, New Orleans; U.S. Department of  Navy; Entergy; USDA; Weeks Marine; Textron; Dyn McDermott; Department of Energy; SPAWAR; USDA NRCS; Southern University Purchasing; Capital One; LED; LA Secretary of State; GSA; Cajun Constructors; FDIC; TruFund; LA-PTAC; LSBDC; Manson Construction Company; EBR Fair Share; EBR Purchasing; Perez; WSI Expert Solutions; Barksdale AFB; Department of Army – Fort Polk; Chevron; Veterans Administration; Marine Corps Reserve;  Minerals Management; USACE-ERDC Vicksburg; NASA, Stennis; Gibbs Construction; Mike Hooks; Core Construction; Hunt-Gibbs-Boh-Metro Joint Venture, and more…

The conference was organized by Gloria London who can be reached at (225) 771-4107 e-mail or Eual Hall at (225) 771-4105 e-mail


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