Saturday, April 18

SU Ag Center Hosts Successful Small Ruminant Field Day despite Rainy Weather

FAMACHA Certification discussion

Hoof trimming demonstration

Vaccination demonstration

Hands-on fecal egg count

fecal egg count demonstration

Children learn about animals
Baton Rouge, La The Southern University Ag Center along with LSU and S.A.R.E. held a field day for small ruminant farmers who showed up in numbers despite the steady rain on April 18.
Farmers defied the rain and gathered at A. O. Williams Hall to soak up useful information. In the food safety session, the presenter discussed sanitation aspect of plant and animal production, concluding that healthy producers make safe produce and healthy consumers. The herd health management presenter highlighted the Louisiana climate which makes goat and sheep susceptible to parasite related death and ways to prevent occurrence. All sessions concentrated on increasing the profit margin.

Topics covered included: Sheep production and diversification of small ruminants by S. Gebrelul and J. Miller; On-farm food safety practices – Fatemeh Malekian and A. Adhikari; Small ruminant health management – R. Marshall; Profitable small ruminant marketing – O. Lukongo; Forage Management – E. Twidwell; and Composting animal carcasses – S. Gebrelul and E. Runles. Other sessions included a discussion panel on “Opportunities and Challenges of Small Ruminant Production, FAMACHA Certification, Wet lab fecal egg count, soil testing, as well as demonstrations on band castration, hoof trimming, and injection.


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