Wednesday, April 22

SU Ag Center has Strong Presence at Southern University Day at the Capitol

 SU Family at the Capitol
Baton Rouge, La - The Southern University Day at the Capitol event was held today, April 22. SU Alumni joined together with faculty, staff, students, administrators and supporters of the Jaguar Nation to stand up for the University.

In the event that the major budget cuts slated for higher education in the state of Louisiana are implemented, Southern University, in particular, will be substantially impacted. Our existence is in jeopardy! Thus, we are making every effort to save and strengthen Southern University by supporting and participating in the forum and letting the Legislators and Governor know that Southern University is vital to the state, the nation and the world! Several speakers including legislators, President of SU System, chancellors of all five campuses, SGA President, Alumni President, etc., all addressed the supporters. Dr. Adell Brown, Executive Vice Chancellor & Vice Chancellor for Research represented the SU Ag Center Chancellor.


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