Friday, April 28

USDA/FAS Official Presents Seminar, ezFedGrants on SU Land-Grant Campus

Mr. Jim Suits shares information on grant opportunities available at Foreign Ag Service that can enhance world trade
Baton Rouge, La. – The Southern University Land-Grant Campus hosted a seminar and ezFedGrants certification registration presented by Mr. Jim Suits, a USDA/Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) official on April 27. Suits presented information on the agricultural trade capacity building program opportunities available at his agency. He indicated that there were not many names on the list of grant participants from the SU Land-Grant Campus. Thus, he encouraged faculty to write grant proposals on any of the five priority areas that would enhance world trade.  He further added that these opportunities can impact developing countries in places like West and East Africa in encourage them to engage safely in the global market.  He went on to list the five priority areas that include Post Harvest Loss Reduction; Climate-Smart Agriculture; Nutrition; Market Information Systems; and SPS/WTO Compliance. He noted that emerging issues facing the developing world include electricity, future of trade and permanently displaced persons. He then went on to point out that the FAS has programs in place to address such issues. Top three programs in place to address the problems include: USDA Scientific Exchange; Food Assistance; and Commodity. In conclusion, Mr. Suits stated that grant proposals from various partners including universities are favorably reviewed and awarded.

Suits concluded his inaugural visit to Louisiana with the introduction of the USDA Grants Management System known as “ezFedGrants.” The system involves different levels of authentication. He registered some SU Land-Grant Campus employees for one of those levels following his presentation.

SPS – Sanitary and Phytosanitary
WTO – World Trade Organization


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