Thursday, April 27

Southern University Land-Grant Campus Judges THRIVE Science Fair

THRIVE Academy Science Fair winners - Warner, Clark, and Ortega pose for a shot

L-r: Ms. Hollins, Dr. Ford and Dr. Mellieon observe student demonstration

Mellieon, Hollins and Ford from the SU Land-Grant Campus judge science fair
Baton Rouge, La - Members of the Southern University Land-Grant Campus were invited to  THRIVE Academy, a residential charter school for at-risk youth, on April 12 to judge the 6th grade science fair. Ms. Kelli Hollins, Extension Associate; Dr. Marlin Ford, Research Associate; and Dr. Harold Mellieon, Director of Livestock Programs, served as judges for 25 students’ completed projects in the areas of Informational, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Weather.
“The 6th graders have been learning the scientific method and how to apply it to research.  I think the communication part was the improvement across the board because they all had to give an oral presentation.” says, Mrs. Christie Monroe, 6th grade science teacher. The science fair was used in two folds. It allowed the students to explore science using their own ideas, and it also allowed them to apply what they have learned all year. The students worked very hard on their projects. Over all it was a great experience.

The SU Land-Grant Campus has established a garden on the THRIVE Campus for students to engage in learning activities outside of the classroom. Students are also given ownership of school garden to ensure easy access to fresh produce. The experiences and knowledge gained from this project played a major role in the science fair projects as well.

The project titled, “Using Agriculture as a Fast Track Vehicle for Change through Experiential Learning” has allowed us to collaborate and support THRIVE with many activities. Fast Track was introduced to students as a teaching mechanism which offers agricultural experiences and nutrition education as well as developing interpersonal skills and workforce development skills.
 “We are truly grateful to the SU Ag Center for their constant support of Thrive. We cannot thank you enough!” says Monroe.

The winners of the 2017 Science Fair were: A. Warner, J. Clark, and M. Ortega.
Started in 2011, THRIVE Academy serves to empower students from underserved Baton Rouge communities and prepare them academically and personally for success in college and beyond.


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