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SU Ag Center researcher collaborates with USDA UV-B Monitoring and Research Program

Southern University Ag Center Professor of Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Dr. Yadong Qi, standing third from the right on the front row, poses for a photo with USDA UV-B Monitoring and Research Program (UVBMRP) scientists. 

A photo of the Southern University Ag Center's UV-B monitoring station. The USDA-UVBMRP assisted the Ag Center in building the station. 

Baton Rouge, LA – Dr. Yadong Qi, Professor of Urban Forestry and Natural Resources at the Southern University Ag Center, visited the USDA’s UV-B (Ultraviolet-B) Monitoring and Research Program (USDA-UVBMRP) on July 17-22, 2016. Qi traveled to the program, which is based in Colorado State University at Fort Collins, Colo., to conduct a collaborative research project with UVBMRP scientists toward developing 3-D urban forest canopy UV-B radiation transfer models and quantifying urban forest effects on ground level UV-B distribution.
The research is a part of an on-going joint project entitled, “Urban Tree Interception of UV (A/B) Radiation and Its Genetic Consequences, which is funded by the USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to the SU Ag Center. Qi serves as the project's director. The USDA-UVBMRP has been a long-term partner to the SU Ag Center; supporting the Center’s UV-B research in urban forestry by providing open space ambient UV data, student internships and training, technical support, and assisting with the construction of a mobile UV-B monitoring station for the Center. The station is listed as one of the USDA-UVBMRP long-term research sites.

During the visit, Qi focused on the SU Ag Center and USDA-UVBMRP joint research collaborations, learned how to conduct situ processing and calibration of the data obtained from the SU Ag Center’s mobile UV-B monitoring station and interacted with students and other scientists on research activities pertaining to modeling impacts of UV radiation on agricultural and forest ecosystems.

Qi was also invited to host a seminar on an, “Introduction of Urban Forestry in the USA and Overview of Urban Forestry Education and Research at Southern University,” for the USDA-UVBMRP faculty, staff and students.

Information on Qi’s visit is also listed under the ‘Latest News’ section on the USDA-UVBMRP website.

For additional information about the Southern University Ag Center’s UV research in urban forestry or the Center’s collaborative research project with the USDA UV-B Monitoring and Research Program, contact Dr. Yadong Qi at 225.771.2242.


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