Wednesday, August 10

Southwest Center for Rural Initiatives Hosts Successful 4-H Youth Ambassador Training

Southwest Center for Rural Initiatives staff with 4-H Youth Ambassadors.

Baton Rouge, LA – The Southwest Center for Rural Initiatives hosted a ‘Student Ambassadors for Healthy Living Training Workshop’ on Thursday, July 28th and Friday, July 29th. During the workshops, students were exposed to the following areas:

  • Introduction and Program Overview- enlightened the youth that healthy living encompasses a holistic approach (healthy eating habits, physical fitness, emotional intelligence, and positive social interactions)
  • Teens as Teachers: 4-H Youth Advocates for Health – youth were introduced to the year-long ambassador activities they would be responsible for facilitating to encourage their peers to make holistic and positive health-related changes.
  • Keeping the Garden Growing and Harvesting the Garden- youth learned how to plan, plant, maintain and cultivate gardens with a hands-on workshop in the Southwest Center’s hoop house.
  • What are the Chemicals in My Food? – youth conducted an experiment on the macromolecules in food
  • Healthy, Fitness, and Mindfulness-  youth participated in a 4-H Yoga for Kids Warm up and Full- Workout, learned how to utilize and track their fitness through the use of Polar Activity Watches, and Relaxation/ Meditation techniques
  • Healthy Snacks- youth explored the importance of nutrition as it relates to the quality of life, and how to choose healthy food options
 Following Thursday’s training; the 4-H Youth Ambassadors as well as workshop facilitators, community volunteers, and parent volunteers traveled to Mansura, La. to visit the 40H Museum and the Desfosse’ House, which is the oldest home in Avoyelles Parish.
You can learn more about the Desfosse’ House by visiting:
You can view pictures from the 4-H Training Workshop and Trip by visiting:
For questions or additional information on the 4-H Youth Ambassadors or other Southwest Center youth programs, please contact the Southwest Center for Rural Initiatives at (337)943-2410.

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