Tuesday, June 7

Kentwood Summer Enrichment Program is off to a Great Start

Baton Rouge, LA – For the first time, the Southern University Ag Center has partnered with community leaders in Kentwood to provide summer enrichment for youth ages 6-18. There are 40 campers from grades 1st through 12th participating – many in multiple courses or programs over the four weeks the program runs in June.

The program, which will be held June 1 – 30, is comprised of six major components:

  • ·         “STEM” – All campers will be engaged through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math through the use of innovative approaches.
  • ·         “iRadio Camp” – Ages 6-12 will learn the basic fundamentals of radio through live talk breaks, live interviews from celebrities, community leaders, music selection, advertisement, local and national news, weather, traffic and more.
  • ·         “Y.A. Know Awareness (Hang-Out Session)” – Ages 13 -18 will attend fun “Hang-out Sessions” that will mentor, and provide information that promotes leadership, a sense of belonging, self-esteem building, and long term commitment to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • ·         “Photography” – Ages 10 -18 will learn general knowledge through the use of exposure and focus techniques, editing photos, landscape photography, and  typography.  Campers will also develop skills in problem-solving, project planning, and creativity.
  • ·         “AAU Sports” – Ages 6-18 will work on agility, speed, and skills.  This program will promote confidence, leadership, and good sportsmanship while on the basketball court or football field.
  • ·         “Dance” - Ages 6 -18 will begin each class with a thorough warm up taught to fast, bass pumping music. Dancers learn to isolate their bodies with control, precision, and rhythm. The campers will have the opportunity to choreograph their own moves and are encouraged to freestyle and just groove to the music!

Campers will also be engaged through a weekly public speaking series from various STEM professions.  Alyssa Carson, NASA Youth Astronaut in training, kicked off the first week. Carson talked about her love for science, and the rigorous training that she is currently undergoing for her trip into space in three years.

Registration for the Kentwood Summer Enrichment program ended June 2, however recruiting for the Kentwood After-School program will begin in mid-July. 

For more information on the Kentwood After-School & Summer Enrichment Programs, contact Assistant Area Agent Nicolette Gordon in the Tangipahoa Parish Extension Office at 985.748.9381, or in the St. Helena Parish Extension Office 225.222.4136.

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