Friday, July 10

SU Ag Center Welcomes Youth from Newman Community Center to Model Garden tour

Youth tour group arrives in the garden

Youth learn about vegetables including squash
Baton Rouge, La - The Southern University Ag Center opened its door to summer campers from the Jewel Newman Community Center for a tour of the model garden on July 10, 2015.
Chaperons from the Community Center brought 21 youth enrolled in their summer camp, ages 5-13, for a visit to the Southern University Ag Center’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm. The youth enjoyed the model garden with a show and tell tour presented by Zanetta Augustine, associate extension specialist.  An excited group of young boys and girls explored, touched and talked about vegetables, chickens, rain water tanks, composting bins and even trying their hands at planting seeds in the greenhouse, among other educational questions and discussions. They went home with a bag of informational goodies from the SU Ag Center.

The Jewel J. Newman Community Center functions as the focal point of social, medical and recreational activities for citizens in the North Baton Rouge area.

The Southern University Ag Center’s Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration Farm is a show-and-tell garden is for the public. This educational garden gives information on vegetable varieties, planting instruction, composting techniques, and other relevant information. Farm tours are available throughout the year.  

The garden is maintained and nurtured by Dawn Mellion-Patin, PhD, Extension Specialist, and Zanetta Augustine.  To schedule a tour, please contact Dawn Mellion-Patin or Zanetta Augustine at the SU Ag Center by calling 225-771-2242.


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