Monday, July 27

SU Ag Center Accepting BOLD Application for 2015-2016 Class Session

Baton Rouge, LA - The Building Opportunities through Leadership Development (BOLD) Project is now accepting applications for the 2015-2016 session. Classes will begin on Saturday, October 17, 2015 for registered participants.  Interested candidates should submit application form via email to or print and mail to: Building Opportunities through Leadership Development. P.O. Box 10010, Baton Rouge, LA 70813. Applications are due by September 15.  More details are available at

The purpose of the Building Opportunities through Leadership Development project, developed by the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center is to improve the leadership development capacity of rural and under-served communities throughout Louisiana. BOLD is an evaluative and technical assistance project designed to develop teams of emerging leaders who work together across racial, class and community boundaries in innovative ways to promote community and economic development. 

BOLD is a pilot project of the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center’s Community and Economic Development Office to improve the leadership and economic development capacity of rural communities throughout Louisiana.
Through a combination of workshops and community projects, BOLD nurtures the ideas and focuses on the energy that is already present in the region. The project offers training and support to both emerging and established community leaders through sessions which topics include:
Leadership Introduction; Leadership; Team-building; Community Vision and change; Group/Organizational Leadership Skills; Community Assessment; Motivation; Communication; and Conflict Management.

Vision: to provide Louisiana residents with the tools and knowledge necessary to become stronger, equipped leaders in their communities.

Goals: Through extensive training, exercise, skill development, and individual and group activities, BOLD participants have the opportunity to effectively and efficiently develop leadership roles in their community through a logical approach. 
BOLD also enables individuals to apply learned leadership skills and principles to individuals and issues in the community, and develop teams of community residents who can work together to address community concerns.

For more information about BOLD contact Dr. Kenyetta Nelson-Smith, Project Director, at
225.771.5598 or

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