Monday, May 18

The SU Ag Center is set for its 2015 Family and Youth Exposition

Youth interact with staff in past Expo
Baton Rouge, La. - The SU Ag Center will hold its 2015 Family and Youth Exposition from June 18-20 in Baton Rouge.  This year’s theme is “Dream: Discover the Rewards of Educating & Advancing Minds.” The public speaking and illustrated talk competitions will be held on Friday, June 19 from 9:00 a.m. - Noon in the Smith –Brown Memorial Union on the Southern University campus. The guidelines and registration forms for the Public Speaking and Illustrated Talk Competitions are available online. You can either visit the SU Ag Center website and look at the June Events or click on this link to access and download the PDF files. 

Extension agents are advised that registration forms can be completed electronically and forwarded via email to or faxed to 225-771-2861.  For further detail, contact Dr. Dawn Mellion-Patin via email or telephone at 225-771-3532.


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