Tuesday, January 6

SU Ag Center to Hold Convocation-January 7-9

Baton Rouge, La - The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center will hold its 2015 Spring Convocation and Planning Meeting and kick off the 125th Anniversary of the 1890 Land-Grant Act.  This year marks the 125th year of the Second Morrill Act, which has produced brilliant scholars, outstanding research and extension programs and continues to hold a bright future for African Americans across the nation. The SU Ag Center has taken the charge to educate the largest Historically Black University system and Louisiana citizens on the importance of the Act and its impact on the nation’s agricultural system.
The three-day convocation will bring SU Ag Center employees from across the state together in A. O. Williams Hall to share progress reports, clientele needs and strategic plans for the year. Administrators, faculty and staff convene once a year to review the state of the Center while planning on strategic ways of moving forward. The 2015 Convocation is unique because it will also bring research, extension and teaching staff together to strategize on working better together to ensure improved well-being of all stakeholders.


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