Saturday, January 17

Impact of Goats on the Weeds Choking America

Baton Rouge, La - Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center is always sharing new information to enhance the life of small farmers in Louisiana.  Recent research findings are demonstrating a new trend of using goats to clear the land of unwanted plants in the United States and globally.

Agricultural uses of goats in America: Clearing land of invasive plant species; providing meat and hide; milk, butter and cheese; and mohair fiber.

Goats have started to make an impact on the weeds choking America. A recent BBC News Magazine report says, “Typically, chemicals and/or machinery are used to clear away fast-growing invasive plants, but both methods have their drawbacks. Chemicals can contaminate soil and are not effective in stopping new seeds from sprouting. Pulling plants out by machine can disturb the soil and cause erosion.”

Follow this link to read the full article on the new trend in goat business.

Bridget Udoh

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