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SU Ag Center Urban Forestry Program Highlighted by Times-Picayune

Dr. Abdollahi
Baton Rouge, LA – The Times-Picayune covered the tree-counting work in Mandeville led by SU Ag Center Urban Forestry professor and program leader, Dr. Kamran Abdollahi. Graduate students and professors at the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center issued a report recently that estimates there are 151,347 trees inside Mandeville city limits. Further, the report concludes, those trees cover more than 41 percent of the city, remove millions of tons of pollution and reduce annual energy costs by almost $82,000.

Maggie Trenary, a landscape and urban forestry inspector in Mandeville’s Planning Department, said the goal was to put a number on all the trees in the city.

Abdollahi, one of the study’s authors, said the inventory, which not only lists the species of trees, but also the height, diameter and health, aims to help communities gain a better understanding of the value of their “urban forest.” Using modeling developed by the U.S. Forest Service, the report attempts to quantify the forest in terms of energy savings, pollution removal, and even replacement value.

“It’s a community that has a high value for trees,” Abdollahi said.

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