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SU Ag Center Teaches Kids How to Cook

Students learning how to measure ingredients for cooking
Photo by Kelli Palmer
Baton Rouge, La- With parents working more and more to support their families, some children are now faced with preparing their own meals and snacks in their parents’ absence. With that in mind, SU Ag Center’s De’Shoin York Friendship created the Creating Healthy Enjoyable Foods (C.H.E.F) program for youth. Another goal of the C.H.E.F. program is to teach healthy cooking/eating habits which will ensure that children grow up to be healthy adults.
“Teaching kids to cook is giving them power and responsibility,” stated Friendship.

The program provides youth with education on nutrition, utensils to use in the kitchen, skills needed to cook meals at home and recipes.
The first session started July 9 and ends July 13 for children ages 9 to 11. The second session will be held July 23-27 for older children between the ages of 12 and 14. The camp’s registration fee is $15 and includes an apron, cutting board and utensils for the participants to take home at the end of the program to get them ready for preparing their own meals.

The C.H.E.F. program will be held Monday-Friday, 8:30 to 3:30 in Pinkie Thrift Hall, located on the campus of Southern University, Baton Rouge.
For further detail, please contact De'Shoin York Friendship at 225-771-2582 or deshoin_york@suagcenter.com

Writer: Kelli E. Palmer, 225.771.2242 or kelli_palmer@suagcenter.com


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