Friday, July 6

Highly Successful Plant Sale

Chancellor Williams poses with team in front of sales tent
Baton Rouge, LA - Students participating in the SU Ag Center’s Summer Garden Program held their first plant sale of the summer this morning. The sale which took place in front of A.O. Williams Hall generated a couple of hundred dollars. The program coordinator, Stephanie Elwood and the students were excited about the sale and their hard work paid off handsomely. With barely two weeks to go in the program, the team is still full of energy and willing to share knowledge and fun.

“We will plant whatever seedlings remain after the sale and the proceeds will go toward lunch and snacks for our youth,” said Elwood.
The garden market tables were full of yellow squash, pumpkin, cucumber, parsley, mint seedlings, as well as vases of sunflowers and zinnias.
The students planted and potted all the plants that were sold today.

Chancellor Leodrey Williams was very pleased with the activity and showed his support for the program by buying some plants.

For further details, contact Stephanie Elwood at 225.772-2134.


Bridget Udoh
(225) 771-5714

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