Tuesday, October 3

SU Land-Grant Campus staff holds lecture at Angola Prison

SU Land-Grant Campus employees Mila Berhane and Stephanie Elwood pose with Delane Ross outside the Angola State Penitentiary.  Ross invited Berhane and Elwood to speak to his agricultural sciences students.

Baton Rouge, La. Southern University Agricultural Land-Grant Campus Senior Research Associate, Mila Berhane and Extension Associate, Stephanie Elwood, held a lecture at Angola State Penitentiary on Sept. 20.
The two were invited to speak to nearly 40 agricultural sciences students by Delane Ross with the Baton Rouge Community College’s Louisiana Federal Prison Program.

During the presentation, Elwood spoke about her experience working with incarcerated youth while Berhane spoke about non-traditional uses of traditional crops.

After the lecture, Berhane and Elwood were provided with a tour of the facilities trade school.

The SU Land-Grant Campus will continue to partner with other educational institutions and agencies in an effort to provide opportunities to the incarcerated community.

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