Tuesday, October 10

SU Land-Grant Campus staff bridges the gap between parents, students and teachers

Dr. Tiffany W. Franklin served as the guest speaker for Lee High School's Parent Meeting on Sept. 27. 

Baton Rouge, La. Southern University Land-Grant Campus Project Coordinator, Dr. Tiffany W. Franklin, served as the guest speaker for Lee High School’s Parent Meeting on September 27.

Dr. Franklin was invited to the meeting by the school’s counselor, Ms. Keana Mason.

The audience included the school’s freshmen and sophomore students and their parents. Franklin’s presentation was titled, “Bridging the Gap between Parents, Students, and Teachers: A New Age Learning Curve.”  Her focus for the presentation was to introduce parents, students and teachers to information that would create an open dialogue for effective communication between all involved and encouraged parents to not be afraid to address real-life or complicated issues or situations when involving their children at school.

The New Age Learning Curve specifically encouraged parents to be vigilant in their child’s lives by utilizing new technological advances to stay connected with their children, which was different from their childhoods.  Franklin noted, “When we were growing up, many of the new ways for parents to keep up with their child’s progress, were not around at that time.  So, we have to effectively utilize our resources to keep our hands on our kids.” 

During the presentation, Dr. Franklin provided both the parents and students with tips to assist them with a better educational experience.  These tips encouraged parents to get informed and/or educated about what’s happening at their child’s school; be responsive to teacher’s concerns about their child’s academics, behavior, etc.; and ask questions and get clarification when needed. 

SU Land-Grant Campus Parent Educator, Milissia John-Baptiste, also attended the presentation and suggested that parents develop a list of questions prior to attending any conferences or meetings at the school. This provides parents with time to think about the situation and process the reason for the gathering.

Franklin and Batiste also set-up a table display where they shared information about the campus’ Recruitment Extravaganza, the Cooperative Extension program and the SU College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Sciences with participants and school counselors. 


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