Thursday, July 13

Youth learn cooking skills at the SU Land-Grant CHEF Camp

Baton Rouge, La. – A Joint SU/LSU Ag Centers “Creating Healthy Enjoyable Foods” (C.H.E.F.) Camp, for boys and girls ages 9-11, is in full swing July 10-14 on the Southern University Land-Grant Campus. 

The Camp engages youth in a cooking, and learning about germ prevention, kitchen safety, and MyPlate, with a hands-on approach on preparing some healthy favorite dishes. Population opinion is that when the children cook, they enjoy eating their food. Today, they snacked as they cooked their pasta dish of Cheesy, Easy Mac. The snack of the day was Blue Corn Tortilla with a healthy topping to accompany it.

The next camp for youth ages 12 – 15 starts from July 24 – 28 on the SU Land-Grant Campus.

The camp is organized by Kiyana Kelly and Marquetta Anderson.

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