Monday, October 17

SU Ag Center, Southern University, LSU and Community Stakeholders Work Together to Develop Scotlandville Promise Neighborhood

Members of the Scotlandville Promise Neighborhood team are, from left, Dr. Melanie Johnson, Political Science; Dr. Sandra Brown, School of Nursing; Dr. Bobby R. Phills, Chancellor-Dean  of the SU Ag Center - College of Agriculture; Dr. Michael A. Stubblefield, Vice Chancellor for Research and Strategic Initiatives; Dr. Renita Marshall, SU Ag Center - College of Agriculture; Dr. Revathi Hines, Political Science. Standing on the second row are:  Dr. Albert L. Samuels, Interim Dean of the Nelson Mandela College of Government and Social Sciences; Dr. Erma Borskey, Social Work and Dr. Diana F. Kelly, College of Education. Team members not pictured are: Dr. Patrick Carriere, College of Engineering; Atty. Chris K. Odinet, Horatio C. Thompson Assistant Professor of Law and Louisiana Bar Foundation Scholar and Dr. Tiffany Franklin, SU Ag Center - College of Agriculture.  Photo by Chris Rogers, SU Ag Center - College of  Ag.

Community Collaboration to Improve the Scotlandville Community

Baton Rouge, LA – Scotlandville is a historic community in North Baton Rouge, and the home of Southern University.

Southern University and A&M College, Southern University Agricultural Research & Extension Center, LSU, and other community stakeholders have partnered together to design and implement a community engagement effort known as the Scotlandville Promise Neighborhood. 

This initiative is designed to improve health outcomes, increase economic potential, reduce incarceration rates, and improve graduation rates and college and career readiness within the Scotlandville community.

To support this effort, a team has submitted a proposal to the Promise Neighborhoods Program, a part of the White House Place-Based Initiatives, and if funded will bring over $30 million into the community. 

The initiative will focus its efforts in the Scotlandville community on Wellness, Early Childhood Development, K-12 Learning, College and Career Readiness and Family and Community Engagement. Under the charge and direction of the SU Office of Research & Strategic Initiatives, this cross – campus, cross disciplinary collaboration can truly make a difference.

The Promise Neighborhoods Program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. The program began in 2010 under the Obama Administration as a community revitalization effort that provides comprehensive, cradle-to-career support for students and families in distressed communities with a school centered approach. 

For additional information on the Scotlandville Promise Neighborhood initiative, contact Renita W. Marshall, DVM, and associate professor at the SU Ag Center, at 225-771-2242.


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