Thursday, April 7

SU Ag Center Holds Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Workshop

Dr. Ali Mohamed, USDA/NIFA discussing Food, Energy and Water: 
Natural Resources and Environment Perspective

Dr. Christopher Chappell explaining a Bio-reactor equipment used in detecting tree health 

Chappell demonstrating the use of the Bio-reactor equipment 
Baton Rouge, La. –The Southern University Urban Forestry Program organized a Louisiana Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Seminar at the SU Ag Center, April 6-7. Interim Chancellor Adell Brown, Jr., and Urban Forestry Program Leader Dr. Kamran Abdollahi were on hand to welcome workshop participants.

Topics of discussion for the morning session on day one included: Food, Energy and Water: Natural Resources and Environment Perspective presented by Dr. Ali Mohamed, Division Director of Environmental Systems, USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA); Priority Area in Forestry and Natural Resources, Research, Education and Extension – Dr. Catalino Blanche, National Program Leader, Division of Environmental System, USDA; Louisiana Arborist Certification Program and Arboriculture Extension – Dr. Hallie Dozier, Professor, School of Renewable Natural Resources, LSU Ag Center; and Baton Rouge Green: Urban and Community Forestry Projects – Robert Seemann, Program Director, Baton Rouge.

The afternoon session continued with discussions on: Urban Forest Ecosystem Analysis for Scotlandville, Louisiana by Dr. Zhu Hua Ning, Professor and Project Director, Urban Forestry Program; Live Oak Tree Preservation, Risk Assessment, and Management Practices – Dr. Fred Fellner, Director, Landscape Services, LSU; Urban Soil Erosion: A Case Study of Scott’s Bluff, Scotlandville – Dr. Yemane Ghebreiyessus, Professor and Project Director, Urban Forestry Program; SU Urban Forestry Program: Utilizing Innovative Approaches in Education, Research and Outreach – Dr. Kamran Abdollahi, Professor and Program Leader, SU Urban Forestry Program; GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies and Urban Forest Analysis in Louisiana – Dr. Fulbert Mamnwamba, Professor and Project Director, Urban Forestry Program; and Developing Urban Forest Wetland Management Research by Dr. Christopher Chappell, Assistant Professor, Urban Forestry Program, SU.

Activities on the second day consisted of hands-on demonstrations including: Urban Forest Wood Waste Biomass-to-Fuel Conversion; Ground Penetrating Radar for Tree Root Assessment, Urban Ecology Studies; Eco-physiology Studies; GIS and Remote Sensing; and Citrus Tree Planting on SU Campus.  Other activities were arranged by request. 


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