Wednesday, December 16

SU Ag Center Chancellor among Honorees of ‘The Network Coalition’

Southern University Ag Center Interim Chancellor, Dr. Adell Brown, Jr.

Baton Rouge, La. –Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center interim Chancellor Dr. Adell Brown, Jr. was honored during The Network Coalition’s, “The Dawning of a New Era Experience.”

The event was held on Friday, November 27, 2015 at the Milan Restaurant inside the Pere Marquette Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

Southern University Law Center interim Chancellor Dr. John Pierre and Oschner Hospital’s Bill Oliver and Bobby Brown were also honored during the event.

The Southern University System was also recognized for implementing the state’s first tobacco-free policy on all of its college campuses. This tobacco-free initiative was spearheaded by the Southern University Ag Center’s Communities of Color Network.

For the past 22 years The Network Coalition, which consist of both elected and appointed officials, community leaders and business representatives from across the state, has been honoring individuals from almost every walk of life.

Past honorees have included poets such as Earnest Gaines, college presidents such as Xavier University’s President Dr. Norman Francis, business people, religious leaders and community activists.

A spokesmen for the group said they saw 2015 as a “Year of Transition,” with the election of a new governor, new presidents at both the Southern University System and Grambling State University and new department heads on the horizon; they saw it fit to recognize these giants within the State of Louisiana.

Dr. Brown has over 42 years of experience in higher education and agriculture, with 39 of those years at Southern University.

He has served as interim Chancellor of the SU Ag Center since July 1, 2015 after being named to the position by the Southern University Board of Supervisors.

Prior to his appointment, Brown held the title of Executive Vice-Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research at the Southern University Ag Center. He has held several positions within the SU Ag Center and the SU Baton Rouge campus. These positions included Adjunct Professor in the Department of Economics and Finance in the College of Business; Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at the SU Ag Center; Associate Specialist and Specialist/Extension Economist; Assistant Administrator and Specialist for Agriculture; Acting Administrator and Assistant County Agent for the Cooperative Extension Program at the SUBR campus. Dr. Brown also served as the Small Farm Coordinator for the College of Agriculture at SUBR.

Apart from of his employment with the Southern University System, Brown has been Vice President for Research, Planning, Community and Economic Development and Tenured Associate Professor in Business for the College of Business at Mississippi Valley State University;  Program Manager for the USDA’s Cooperative State Research Services Office of Small-Scale Agriculture in Washington D.C.; USDA Visiting Professor for Farmer Home Administration and  Research/Teaching Assistant for the Department of Agricultural Economics at Louisiana State University.



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