Friday, March 27

Southern University Ag Center Chancellor Announces Retirement

Chancellor Leodrey Williams
Baton Rouge, LA – Leodrey Williams, Chancellor of the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center officially announced his retirement during the Southern University Board of Supervisors’ meeting today.  His announcement comes after serving for the past 50 years, working with both Southern University and LSU in Baton Rouge, as well as Washington DC at the national level, in Cooperative Extension Service.  Over the past 14 years, he has served as the first and only chancellor of the Center.  His retirement from the university will be effective June 30th 2015.

Williams was hired as an agriculture specialist 50 years ago. Five years later, he went to LSU and served as associate state agent, director of Equal Employment Opportunity and associate professor in the Department of Extension and International Education, positions he held for four years. In 1980, he became extension director at Southern University. Soon after, Williams would move to Washington DC where he served as the national director of the Cooperative Extension Service, making him responsible for funding extension programs at 104 land-grant universities around the country. Williams returned to Southern University and resumed his previous role as Extension Director in 1995. Then, in 2001 Williams was asked to head the newly-formed Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center.

The SU Ag Center, the 5th campus of the Southern University System was established on July 1, 2001.  The mission of the Center is to conduct basic and applied research, and disseminate information to the citizens of Louisiana in a matter that is useful in addressing their scientific, technological, social, economic and cultural needs. 

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