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SU Ag Center Professor Emeritus, Haiti Micro-Enterprise need your vote

rabbit production
Baton Rouge, La. – Southern University Professor Emeritus James McNitt was among the pioneers in the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer program to assist Haitian Makouti Non-Governmental Organization with rabbit production in the early 2000s. In Haiti, where the unemployment rate is estimated at 40.6% and much of the country is food insecure, empowering rural farmers to develop their own small agro-enterprises is a win-win approach. Haitians can create their own job opportunities rather than waiting for them to be created, while also filling gaps in the agricultural markets and improving food security. The project is highly successful and impacts many lives in Haiti despite its numerous natural disasters.

This project needs your vote to win the cash prize on the World Bank competition. To read the full story and/or cast your vote by September 15, click here: Job Knowledge. Once at the site, scroll down the page and click on a star below “Rate this post.” This brings up a dialogue box with five stars. Click on the fifth star and submit your vote. Thank you.

Makouti was established in 2004 for this reason and supports more than 1,000 producers of a wide-variety of agricultural products. Rabbit production is an example of one type of micro-enterprise promoted by this project. Rabbit production is an ideal activity for Haitian farmers since it is less feed-intensive than other types of animal production. Rabbits are easy to manage by anyone and do not require much space; the reproduction cycle is short; and rabbit meat is higher in protein than other meats.

Dr. James McNitt has contributed immensely to this project by working with rabbit producers in Haiti, and is highly excited about its impact saying, “I was one of the first rabbit "NGO experts" to work on the rabbit project during my four 2-week trips in the early 2000s.”
The project has been so successful that it was recently entered into an online competition on the World Bank Jobs Knowledge Platform, which aims to collect and share practices for job-creation and entrepreneurship project with the possibility of winning a cash prize.

For further details, please contact Dr. James McNitt at 225-771-2081 or via email

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