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Deadline to Register to Vote is October 9

Baton Rouge, LA – for the November 6, 2012 election, the last day to register to vote is fast approaching on October 9th. Voting is an essential part of our participatory Democracy. If you don't vote, you are allowing others to make your choices for you. Your vote is your voice. It is your right as an American, and you need to exercise it. You may register online at http://www.sos.la.gov/tabid/457/default.aspx.

Before you get to that voting booth, however, you need to prepare yourself. The first, and most important, step is registering to vote! Tomorrow is national voter registration day and it is a perfect time to confirm you're prepared to cast your ballot on Election Day. Whether this is your first time registering or just an opportunity to refresh and renew your existing registration, take this opportunity to get registered. Our democracy depends on it. Remember, you MUST be registered by October 9th, 2012, in order to vote in the November 6th Presidential Elections.

Takes steps to prepare for election 2012 online, by telephone or in person:
On the web
, go online at www.GeauxVote.com, where you can check your registration or download a voter registration form. Remember, even if you believe you are ALREADY registered to vote, it is still useful to "refresh" your registration at your current address to make sure you can vote at your nearest precinct.

In Person, Visit Your Registrar of Voters for Registration Forms or Questions or call.

The only qualifications you need to vote in Louisiana are:
United States citizenship; at least 17 years old but must be 18 years old prior to next election to vote; Not under an order of imprisonment for conviction of a felony; Not under a judgment of full interdiction for mental incompetence or partial interdiction with suspension of voting rights; Reside in the state and parish in which you seek to register.

Early Voting Schedule for November 6th Presidential Election is Oct. 23-30, 2012 at the Registrar of Voters office in each parish and at designated locations in certain parishes.
To find more information on where to vote in your parish, visit the Louisiana Secretary of State website at http://www.sos.la.gov/tabid/457/default.aspx; or http://www.sos.la.gov

 Get out there, register and GEAUX VOTE!

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