Wednesday, June 27

SU Ag Center’s Summer Garden Program Teaches Healthy Habits, Importance of Agriculture

Dr. Bandele addresses program participants
Baton Rouge, LA - This summer, the Southern University Ag Center is hosting a summer garden program for youth ages 5-18 years. The goal of the program is twofold-eating healthy and exercising. Participants learn indoors and practice outdoors. It is only the second week and students went out in the garden to harvest produce. The garden grows tomatoes, cabbage, cucumber, cantaloupe and flowers. First thing this morning, the team and the program coordinator Stephanie Elwood were in the garden harvesting vegetables and flowers before the sweltering heat arrived.
Chances are that if they grow it, they will eat it. Their break food included the produce harvested today.
At mid-morning, they returned to the classroom where their guest speaker was waiting. Dr. Owusu Bandele, professor emeritus in horticulture presented a topic on African American agriculturalists to the youth. He also talked about the excellent agricultural academic programs available at Southern University.

“These days, agriculture is not limited to the farm only; research and other careers that impact the food industry are very lucrative,” said Bandele to the youth.
The program held on Wednesdays and Fridays, 9:00 am – 12:00 noon at the Horticultural Complex near the SU Ag Center Campus will end July 20.

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