Wednesday, June 6

Chinese delegates on the Bluff

L-R: Fatemeh Malekian, Hang Dapeng-China, Gina Eubanks, Chancellor Williams
Baton Rouge, LA - Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center is hosting six scientists from China as a result of its success in the 2012 Scientific Cooperation Exchange Program award from the USDA.  Today, the SU Ag Center administrators, faculty and staff welcomed the Chinese delegates at A. O. Williams Hall. Among those who brought greetings from the SU Ag Center were Fatemeh Malekian, PhD, food and nutrition; Gina E. Eubanks, vice chancellor for extension; and Leodrey Williams, chancellor.  In his welcome speech, Chancellor Leodrey Williams emphasized the importance of the exchange program and the potential benefits for both U.S. and China.

 “We cannot talk about world peace when 20% of the world’s population is left out of the discussion,” Chancellor Williams.

The delegates from China are professors: Hang Dapeng, director general, National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center; Chen Changbing, deputy division chief, National Agro-Tech Extension and Service Center, Diad Chunyou, station chief, Plant Protection Station, Jiangsu Province; Guo Yunfeng, station chief, Soil and Fertilizer Station, Tianjin; Wang Shuzhong, station chief, Agro-Tech Extension Station, Beijing; and Huang Yifan, vice president, Fujian Agricultural University.

The program supports international exchanges to promote agricultural development and economic growth, and mitigate animal and plant health issues that impede trade. The program offers opportunities for U.S. teams of up to five members to initiate linkages with potential long-term collaborators at Chinese institutions throughout the People's Republic of China.

For further details, please contact Fatemeh Malekian or Janana Snowden, at 225-771-2242.


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