Monday, October 17

SU Ag Center Rabbit Production Book Reprinted

Dr. McNitt
Baton Rouge - A reprint of the 8th edition of the book “Rabbit Production” is now available. This is a reprint of a highly successful book about the production of rabbits originally published by Interstate Publishers, Inc. in 2000. The book concentrates on rabbits bred for meat and fur, but also has plenty of information on pet rabbits and show rabbits. Beginning with an introduction to rabbit production around the world and some basic breed and equipment information, further topics covered include rabbit diseases, feeding, reproduction, behavior, welfare, genetics, showing, rabbit production in developing countries, fur and meat production, slaughter and the marketing of rabbit products.

J. I. McNitt, Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, N. M. Patton, formerly of Oregon State University, S. D. Lukefahr, Texas A & M University, and P. R. Cheeke, Oregon State University, co- authored the book.

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