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Baton Rouge, LA – SU Ag Center continues to disseminate information to clientele beyond the state of Louisiana. In Mississippi, the Winston County Self Help Cooperative Live Internet Talk Radio Show: Saving Rural America’s Host will Feature Dawn Mellion-Patin, Ph.D., MBA on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 6:00 Pm CST.

The Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute is an 18-month course specifically designed to guide small, socially disadvantaged, limited-resource and minority farmers through the transformative process of becoming highly successful agricultural entrepreneurs. The primary goal of the Institute is to promote the sustainability of small family farms through enhanced business management skills and leadership development.

To date, 81 small farmers from 14 of the southern states have successfully completed the curriculum designed for this training. Each of these farmers has become a change agent in his/her community. Mellion-Patin, recently received funding from USDA, Office of Advocacy and Outreach to conduct Class IV, which begins later this month with 35 farmers from 12 states.

The Ag Leadership Institute is an 1890 system-wide initiative, hosted by the Southern University Ag Center, in collaboration with Kentucky State University, Prairie View A & M University, Tuskegee University, USDA, South Carolina State University and North Carolina A & T State University.

To hear more about the Small Farmer Agricultural Leadership Institute, please tune in on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 6:00 Pm CST.
The call in number to speak with the host is (323) 580 5735.

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