Thursday, September 15

SU Ag Center youth entrepreneurs to feature in New Orleans Fashion Week

Baton Rouge, LA – Our high school youth are exhibiting great talent. Rogersliu was founded with the concept of creating visually stimulating clothing. Headed up by Christopher Rogers, II and his assistant designer, Julie Liu, seventeen-year-old seniors at Baton Rouge Magnet High School. Rogersliu runway shows are noted for their high emotional resonance and raw energy paired with over-the-top styling which gives the clothes a romantic but determinedly contemporary nature. The New Orleans Fashion Week is scheduled October 15 – 23.

“The Rogersliu woman is one who admires the aspirational beauty and romance of the past while simultaneously looking forward into the future,” said Rogers. “Iconic Rogersliu design elements include daring hemlines, proportion play, and experimentation with fabric opacity and its relevance and acceptability within a modern social context. A sense of casual formality also permeates all facets of the Rogersliu brand from dresses, blouses, and even gowns.” The aim of the Rogersliu collection is to infuse two opposites — strength and fragility in order to create clothing that bridges an emotional connection with a diverse group of clients and onlookers.

Rogers is the son of Christopher J., SU Ag Center director of technology services, and Johnell Rogers. He also has one sister, Sariah, an 8th grader at Christian Life Academy. For more up-to-date information, please go to

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