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SU Ag Center set for i-Tree Model Workshop, October 5-6

Baton Rouge, LA - The i-Tree Model Workshop on Quantifying Urban Forest Ecosystem Services and Climate Change Mitigation Potential is scheduled for Oct. 5-6, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, at Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center, Rm 138. Southern University Urban Forestry Program and USDA Forest Service Urban Forestry South will host the event. Instruction will be provided by Eric Kuehler, Technology Transfer Specialist, Urban Forestry South, USDA Forest Service.

About i-Tree: Forests, both in urban and rural areas can help mitigate climate change by sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide and by reducing energy use in buildings, and consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions from fossil-fuel based power plants. To understand better the forest resource and its numerous values, the U.S. Forest Service has developed i-Tree models that quantify urban forest ecosystem services such as CO2 sequestration, carbon storage, building energy saving, and pollution removal. i-Tree tools allow students to make use of USGS-NASA Landsat satellite data to assess the community’s land cover, including tree canopy, and the ecosystem services, such as climate change mitigation, that is provided by the urban forests.

The workshop registration is complementary. Please email the registration form below to Dr. Zhu H. Ning, professor, Urban Forestry Program, Southern University, at

For more information, contact Dr. Ning via email or phone at 225-771-6292.

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