Friday, November 13

SU Ag Center’s Family & Human Development Unit goes Live to Reach Families


SU Ag Center Family and Consumer Sciences Parent Educator, Aryn Broussard discusses activities that stimulate development in children during a Facebook Live on October 9.

Baton Rouge, La. – Several months into the pandemic, Louisiana reported the highest number per capita of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in the country. To assist families within the state, the Southern University Ag Center’s Family and Human Development Unit provided individuals and families with information on “Maintaining Social Ties during the Coronavirus Quarantine." This information was presented to families in churches and organizations in the communities served by the Unit.


During this time of social distancing, the Unit utilized Facebook to expand its reach to families. Through this platform, the Unit held Facebook Lives on the topics of Communicating Good Health Practices, Reducing Sodium in your Diet, Budgeting, and Activities that Stimulate Sensory Development in Children.


Recently, families throughout Louisiana have endured the COVID-19 pandemic and Hurricanes Delta and Laura. To educate the community, the Family and Human Development Unit shared hurricane preparedness tips from the Southern University Ag Center, Louisiana Department of Health, and Healthy Baton Rouge, as well as information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the proper way to wear and remove face masks.


The SU Ag Center’s Family and Human Development Unit provides research-based programs that address parenting, childcare, family economic stability, consumer education, and stress. Programs in this area work to strengthen the capacity of families to nurture, support, and guide their members throughout their lives. Programs managed within the Unit include Parents Preparing for Success, Full Circle of Parenting, Child Care, Family Resource Management, Second Chance 2 Recover, and Emergency Preparedness.




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