Wednesday, August 23

SU Ag Center Gives Youth A Boost of Energy during Little League Football Clinic

Photos from the Little League Football Clinic held at Memorial Stadium on August 19.
Baton Rouge, La. On Saturday, August 19, 2017, Louisiana Youth Football (LYF) registered nearly 790 youth at Memorial Stadium for Little League Football and Cheer.  Local Football Teams gathered excitedly to register, weigh-in their players, talk with other coaches about growth spurts, and jokingly discussing which teams would take the wins this season. The Southern University Ag Center was on hand to give youth players healthy snacks, and educational push cards on ways youth players can achieve proper nutrition and weight management. 

“Although healthy snacks are often times never their first choice, we made sure each player understood it’s the best choice,” said Kelli Hollins, Extension Associate, SU Ag Center.  

Extension agents from the SU Ag Center talked to the young athletes about the importance of making healthy food choices. The agents explained that lean meats, green vegetables, fruits, milk (if not allergic), potatoes, rice, bread, and peanut butter (if not allergic) are all good examples of food that provides a balanced mix of carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and iron.

Louisiana Youth Football is a non-profit organization led by Leroy Hollins. LYF’s mission aims to utilize organized and structured athletics as a tool to enlighten and cultivate the development of well-rounded youth through establishing a foundation of the following life skills: Responsibility; Goal Setting; Sportsmanship; Self Control; Smart Decisions; Teamwork; Leadership; and Perseverance.

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