Tuesday, May 2

SU & LSU Ag Centers hold Highly Successful Small Ruminant Field Day

Baton Rouge, LA – The Southern University Ag Center, held its 12th joint Small Ruminant Field Day with the LSU AgCenter on April 29 at the Maurice A. Edmond Livestock Arena, 14600 Scenic Highway, Baton Rouge.
Field Day presentations and demonstrations

Small ruminant (sheep and goat) experts from both the SU and LSU Ag Centers made presentations on forage management, nutrition and health interaction, infectious and parasitic diseases, small ruminant reproduction and drug use/off label issues.

Nearly 50 participants turned out for the event, which also featured demonstrations and hands-on activities on injections, fecal sample analysis, body condition scoring and a question and answer session with presenters. Goat and sheep meat products were on the lunch menu.

Producers also participated in a FAMACHA certification course. FAMACHA (pronounced FAffa MAlan CHArt) is a diagnostic tool that helps farmers identify parasite infection in small ruminants, such as sheep and goats. The tool is a chart that matches eyelid color to anemia levels, an indicator of parasite infection. FAMACHA was developed in South Africa and is distributed in the United States through the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Pest Control.

Even a few cattle producers mingled with the small ruminant participants. John A. and John C. Womack, a father and son team from St. Helena, runs a 26-head operation of cattle, and attended the workshop to learn more about forages, basic animal husbandry and soil testing.

College of Agricultural, Family and Consumer Science students helped with registration and presentations during the Rosenwald Elementary School tour of the event. College students who assisted were Terrell Hills, majoring in Animal Science and Irene Lewis, a Plant and Soil Science major. Rosenwald Elementary School is located in New Roads, La., Pointe Coupee Parish.

The lead collaborators from the SU Ag Center were - Sebhatu Gebrelul, Ph.D., Animal Science Professor, who can be reached at 225.771.3841 or sebhatu_gebrelul@suagcenter.com and Renita W. Marshall, DVM/Associate Professor, Animal Science; and from the LSU AgCenter - Ken McMillin, Ph.D., who can be reached at 225.578.3438 or kmcmillin@agcenter.lsu.edu; and Jim Miller, Ph.D.

The event was sponsored by SU Land-Grant Campus; USDA/Natural Resources Conservation Service; Sustainable Agriculture Research Education (SARE); LA Dept. of Ag and Forestry; LSU School of Vet. Medicine; and LSU AgCenter.      

Photos from the event are posted here.    

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