Friday, September 9

SU Ag Center Researcher Janana Snowden receives International Fellowship Award

Dr. Janana Snowden was the recipient of the international 2016 Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority (CSURM) Fellowship.

Baton Rouge, LA – Dr. Janana Snowden, Research Scientist at the Southern University Ag Center, was a 2016 recipient of the Carl Storm Underrepresented Minority (CSURM) Fellowship; making her the only African American selected from 188 participants, internationally.

The award allowed Snowden to attend and present at the annual Gordon Research Conference for Natural Products and Bioactive Compounds. The conference, which focused on exploring the therapeutic potential of natural products and biologically active compounds through emerging chemical and biological technologies, was held July 31- August 5, 2016 at Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire.

Snowden presented on the, “Antimicrobial Efficacy of Roselle Hibiscus Extracts against Escherichia coli.” Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa L.) is a niche market crop that has been studied for over a decade at the Southern University Ag Center.

Her research focuses on the medicinal benefits of natural compounds found in plants/crops and their potential to treat various diseases and disorders such as cancer and high blood pressure.

For more information, contact Dr. Janana Snowden at 225-771-2242 or visit


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