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SU Ag Center’s FF-News Teaches Nutrition Education to 100 Kindergartners

Evaluation Results

Marquetta Anderson teaching kindergartners how to choose healthy snacks.
The students surprised Kiyana Kelly with homemade thank you cards at the end of the school year.

Baton Rouge, LA – The Southern University Ag Center’s Families First-Nutrition Education and Wellness System (FF-NEWS) has concluded it Fall 2015-2016 Nutrition Education Curriculum for schools and communities across the state.

Nutrition Educators Marquetta Anderson and Kiyana Kelly, along with Extension Associate Ellen McKnight, conducted a pilot nutrition education evaluation series at The Baton Rouge Bridge Academy. The academy is a new charter school in East Baton Rouge Parish with a student body of 100 kindergartners.                                   

All evaluations were administered using Turning Point Technologies software (TPT). Students used TPT clickers that electronically captured and interpreted all data.  The pre–evaluations were administered in the early part of December 2015. Over a six month period, Ms. Kelly covered nutrition topics such as Exploring MyPlate, Water is Wonderful, Fun with Fruits and Veggies, Snacking Healthy, Handwashing, and Physical Activity. Students received and prepared food samples that coincided with nutrition topics such as fruit pizza, sparkling water, trail mix and yogurt.

Bridge Academy teacher, Courtney Peterson stated, “As a results of Ms. Kelly’s classes, my students were able to accurately identify foods from each food group when we were reviewing a unit on nutrition.”

Post-evaluations were then administered in the later part of May 2016. The data collected indicated that students scored an average of 59% on the pre-evaluation and 79% on the post-evaluation. As a result of the nutrition education series, nutrition knowledge increased by 20% among 100 kindergartners in a six month period.

The students enjoyed using the TPT clickers and were engaged in the nutrition lessons and demonstrations. At the culmination of the nutrition education series, the students surprised Ms. Kelly, and presented her with handmade fruit and vegetable thank you cards.

For information on the Southern University Ag Center’s Families First-Nutrition Education and Wellness System and other nutrition programs, visit or contact the SU Ag Center at 225.771.2242.           

Article written by Ellen C. McKnight, SU Ag Center Extension Associate-Nutrition Evaluation & Publication.

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