Tuesday, March 29

SU Ag Center Partners with Local Businesses to Donate Easter Baskets to Nursing Home

Mr. Eric Sullivan holds the Easter basket he received from O.M.G. Club members as part of their Adopt-A-GP Community Service Initiative.

Baton Rouge, LA – Many in South Louisiana celebrated the Easter weekend by attending church and spending time with their loved ones. The SU Ag Center partnered with Missy Radio, Addictive Strands, the Outstanding Mature Girlz Organization (OMG), Jessica Cain, and Cumulus Media to add to this heavily celebrated tradition. On Saturday, March 26, SU Ag Center’s Assistant Area Agent, Nicolette Gordon delivered Easter baskets to the St. Helena Parish Nursing Home.  Eight baskets were sponsored by local businesses on behalf of OMG Club Members Chriterra Brumfield, Kyla Bryant, Symone Bryer, Shanika Holmes, Allanee Janeau, Kenneadei Lee, and Ariel Scott.  These young ladies adopted grandparents at the nursing home last year to fulfill their community service commitment as members of the club.

“If I’m ever placed in a nursing home, I want people to come and bring things like this to me,” said Montrell Fagget, Owner of Addictive Strands.  “I want people to come and just see about me.”

The baskets were filled with Palmers Lotion, Vaseline, Hand Sanitizer, Aloe Vera Socks, Crystal Globes, WXOK cups, and Gospel CD’s from various artists.  “The baskets were just the right size for their aged, but wise hands,” said Gordon.

Easter concluded the holiday visits to the St. Helena Parish Nursing Home for the Adopt-A-GP (grandparent) Community Service Initiative, but the SU Ag Center is gearing up for the 2016-2017 school year!

For more information on how you can partner to enhance our Adopt-A-GP! Community Service Initiative, contact Nicolette Gordon in the Tangipahoa Parish Extension Office at 985.748.9381, or in the St. Helena Parish Extension Office at 225.222.4136.


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