Monday, August 10

SU Ag Center’s BOLD Youth Organizing Leadership Opportunities travels to St. Helena Parish

Baton Rouge, La – The Southern University Ag Center took the Building Opportunities through Leadership Development (BOLD) to n St. Helena Parish. A back-to-school informational session was held at the St. Helena Career & College Academy in Greensburg, LA on August 7. The Youth Organizing Leadership Opportunities (YOLO) is an entity of the BOLD project. The YOLO group works with youth in the area of leadership.

The event was facilitated by Dana Isaac, Extension Assistant, who collaborated with colleagues.  Eual Hall, Business Development Specialist from the Center for Small Business and Rural Development presented information on youth entrepreneurship and the steps to start a small business.  He also showed the video of the importance of an 1890 university.
L-r: Kelli Joseph, Eual Hall, Jennifer Grace, Frankie Poland, Nicolette Gordon, Dana Isaac, Reginald Douglas, and Ahmad Robertson

Eual Hall, left, shares information with youth

Frankie Poland, Regional Coordinator for the Communities of Color Network, shared information on the dangers of tobacco, second-hand smoke and the harmful poisons found in tobacco products.
Ahmad Robertson, Area Agent, St. Helena and Tangipahoa Parishes presented information on agricultural topics such as maintaining a farm, caring for livestock, and gardening.

Nicolette Gordon, Assistant Area Agent, St. Helena and Tangipahoa Parishes had displays and information booth for all the clubs she has established for the youth in her parishes. The clubs are 4-H, Outstanding Mature Girlz, and Jaguar Leadership Club.  About 40 youth signed up to join the various clubs.  

Isaac gave out various tips and printouts on how to manage stress, and make smart and good decisions as teenagers. She also gave a few of the teachers some information on what causes stress in youth and factsheets on how to help teens make good decisions. The Career & College Academy principal, Reginald Douglas, the assistant principal, Jennifer Grace, along with the Superintendent of St. Helena Parish School Systems, Kelli Joseph, PhD were pleased with the presentations made to the students.  They stated that the SU Ag center employees are always welcomed at their school.


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