Thursday, February 26

Southern University Ag Center Livestock Show holds Beef Showmen Workshop

Baton Rouge, La. - The Southern University Ag Center’s Livestock Show held a ‘Beef Showmen’ workshop for St. Helena 4-H Livestock Exhibitors on Sunday, February 8 in Greensburg, La.

The students received classroom experience and hands-on instruction on how to present their animals and themselves during a livestock show.

“This may be the first time many of these exhibitors participate in a livestock show,” said Christie Monroe, SU Ag Center Livestock Program Manager. “I encourage the exhibitors to enjoy the moment and to breathe.”

Monroe also discussed what participates need to compete in a livestock show, what to expect during the show and how to show their animals. The exhibitors were also given the opportunity to walk their animal and receive critics on what they may have been doing wrong, as well as, participate in a mock show where they were all judged and placed.

Cattle owners were also provided with tips to make the transition into the show’s barn a little easier for their animals. Monroe pointed out that like people, animals can get stressed out. She suggested leaving a light on, placing a radio in the pen and brushing their animals’ every day to help reduce the livestock’s stress level.

This workshop was arranged by Angela Myles with the LSU AgCenter and Ahmad Robertson with the Southern University Ag Center.



LaKeeshia Giddens

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