Monday, November 10

Dr. Yadong Qi Recently Gave Several Oral Presentations at Two International Conferences

Dr. Yadong Qi, professor of urban forestry, was selected to give two oral presentations at the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) XXIV World Congress, in Salt Lake City, Oct. 5-11, 2014. Her first talk entitled “Greenspace infrastructure and Public Perception of representative Country Parks in Beijing, China” was given at the Technical Session A-04(88) Resilience and Identity with Urban Forests: A Landscape Approach, which featured eight international talks from Japan, Turkey, Australia, Korea, Thailand, USA, and Italy.  Qi’s second talk entitled “Novel Nanotechnology for Forest and Forest Product Protection” was given at the Technical Session F-15(259) Application of Nanotechnology and Biotechnology in Forest Product Research, which featured five international talks from China-Taipei, Malaysia, USA, and Germany. The abstracts have been published in The International Forestry Review Vol.16(5),2014; p29, p309.

Also, Dr. Qi attended the International Union of Photobiology (IUPB) 16th International Congress on Photobiology, from September 8-12, 2014 in Cordoba, Argentina. Dr. Qi was selected to give one oral presentation entitled “UV Radiation and Its Impact on Skin Cancer in the United States” at the Technical Session of UV-Induced Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis. The session featured five international talks from France, Japan, Poland, Canada, and USA. In addition Dr. Qi had a poster presentation entitled “UV-B Tolerance Properties Exhibited in Diverse Broadleaf Trees” at the Congress. The abstracts were published in the 16th International Congress on Photobiology Abstract Book: p277, p614.  


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