Monday, October 21

SU Ag Center: Whey 2 Go Program Concludes first phase

Ford, study participant shows change in pant size before the study 

Program participants flanked by VC Brown, Snowden, (left), and Betty Kennedy, Malekian 
Baton Rouge, La – In response to the high incidence of overweight and obesity in Louisiana, the SU Ag Center received funding from USDA/NIFA to mitigate this issue. The “Combating Childhood Obesity with Caregivers as Change Agents,” or Whey 2 Go Program which lasted 24 weeks concluded today. The study was conducted on 26 African American men and women in Baton Rouge in collaboration with Pennington Biomedical Center. Executive Vice Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Research, Adell Brown brought congratulatory message to the participants, urging them to keep up the good job. 

Participant Porsche Holmes lauded the involvement of children through caregivers because childhood is the best starting point to control obesity through healthy lifestyles. Another participant, Marlin Ford brought his “before” clothing to the ceremony as proof of the study impact.

Dr. Fatemeh Malekian serves as project director on this project funded by US Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture, assisted by Dr. Janana Snowden. For further details, please contact Malekian or Snowden at 225-771-2242.

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