Wednesday, December 7

Scotlandville community identified as the largest "Food Desert" in Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge, LA - The US Department of Agriculture has identified the Scotlandville community as the largest "Food Desert" in Baton Rouge. More than 18,000 people live in Scotlandville, and 89% of that community has "unacceptably low-access" to quality food.

The Together Baton Rouge (TBR) Food Access Team is working to bring a high-quality grocery store to Scotlandville, to address this food desert.

The TBR is conducting a "Food Access Survey" to demonstrate the need and the support for better food access in North Baton Rouge. Several congregations are planning a SURVEY SUNDAY on the Sunday before Christmas, to share this information and build a large base of survey participants.

Citizens located in, or near Scotlandville are encouraged to participate in the SURVEY SUNDAY-December 18. The survey is attached.

For more information, or to arrange dropping off completed surveys, please contact Edgar Cage, co-chair of the TBR Food Access Team, at (225)774-7979. Details are available on the website of Together Baton Rouge:

For further detail, please contact Fatemeh Malekian at 225-771-2242

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